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Turner Bistre Oil banner

We are delighted to be the people to re create Bistre into an oil paint.

For the first time ever artist can get the beauty of Bistre as used by master painters like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Thomas Gainsborough and many more of the great painters but now in an Artist quality oil paint.

Bistre or black/Brown

The word Bistre although used for many years was first noted down in England in 1727 as a back/brown ink used by artist to do drawings, due to its transparency it was excellent to use as a wash to create shadow and form.

Peter Paul Rubens, 28th June 1577 Copy after the Belvedere Torso

PPR the Belvedere Torso

A modern day work by Louis Smith (Tutor at the Realist Academy Manchester)

Bistre under painting