About Turner Artist Colours

Turner Artist Colours

Here at Turner Artist Colours we strive for perfection in creating and maintaining paints from quality colour pigments for artist worldwide.

Our Founder Marc A Turner

Although our Founder Marc A Turner has been involved in art and painting for many years it was in 2015 that we decided to dedicate the beauty of quality pigments into the manufacturing of paints for the artist around the world.


Our Pigments are of the highest quality and come from around the globe.


For many years Marc made small amounts of paint as he needed them, eventually setting up in his garden studio in Warrington creating small batches, now working with established colourman and English artist paint manufacturers who are over 100 year old, we are developing a range of paints for the professional market that are priced for the open market.

We are dedicated to perfection, and intend on passing our dedication to you.

Marc A Turner.

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